TF350 Oversize Tyres

TF350 Oversize Tyres

August 19, 2020 0

Oversize Tyres – 25x13x9″ Balloon Traction tyres in place of standard 22x11x8″ for improved grip on steep slopes, higher ground clearance and lower ground pressure. Other sizes are available to suit specific applications, please contact us or your nearest distributor for details

RRP £125 +VAT, Our Price £118.75+VAT

Twin Axle – Twin beam axles in place of standard axles assemblies for smoother towing over rough terrain and reduced ground pressure. Note: This option requires removal of mudguards.

RRP £600+VAT, Our Price £570+VAT

Extension Sides – Increases hopper capacity by 0.25m^3 (200kg) per extension. Bolt-on kit for direct fitment, utilising existing tonneau cover

RRP £100 +VAT, Our Price £95+VAT

Nudge Bar – Livestock fender bars wraps around front of machine and back to mudguards to keep livestock from becoming jammed between towing vehicle and feeder when feeding. Especially suited for feeding sheep.

RRP £100 +VAT, Our Price £95+VAT

Suspension Axles and Road Tyres – Suspension axles and E-marked road tyres in place of standard off-highway tyres for use on public highways

RRP £500+VAT, Our Price £475+VAT

Additional Control Box – Additional control box to allow machine to be used behind an additional towing vehicle without swapping the control electrics over – ideal if the feeder is used behind multiple vehicles, eg. ATV and 4×4.

RRP £300 +VAT, Our Price £285+VAT