MG250 Electric Lift

MG250 Electric Lift

August 18, 2020 0

Rear Roller – For a one pass finish or where consolidation is required. Highly recommended for large arenas, or those containing advanced fibres such as CombiRide, CLOPF & Turfloat surfaces. Sealed bearings allow the roller to work smoothly, and require minimal maintenance. Unique design allows the roller to be used independently, as extra ballast when heavy grading is required, or in normal operation, as a following consolidation roller.

RRP £250 +VAT, Our Price £237.50+VAT

3-Point Linkage Mounted – 3 point linkage mounted version in place or standard 50mm ball hitch trailed unit. Ideal for larger arenas where more regular maintenance is required.

RRP £150+VAT, Our Price £142.50+VAT

Electric Lift – Electric actuator controlled grading depth in place of manual lift level for ease of use with attachment to your ATV/UTV

RRP £400 +VAT, Our Price £380+VAT