MG250 Arena Leveller

MG250 Arena Leveller

August 18, 2020 0
The MG250 Arena Leveller,

The best all-round arena leveller!

– Fully galvanised heavy duty construction

– Robust delta shape deflects fence posts

– Large wheels for easy and smooth towing

– Quality spring steel tines which won’t damage drainage membranes

– Reversible Perimeter blade

– Rear Consolidation Roller (option)

The MG250 Arena Leveller is a 8′ (2.4m) working width Arena Leveller, designed for levelling and grading a variety of arena surfaces quickly and easily. The MG250 Arena Grader is perfect for the levelling and maintenance of arenas, gallops and rides. Available as standard as a towed unit for use behind almost any vehicle equipped with a 50mm ball or pin hitch. Alternatively the MG250 can be supplied as a 3-point linkage mounted version for use on compact or mid-sized tractors. Arenas, sand schools and gallops are expensive – careful and timely maintenance can make the difference between a long-lasting, brilliant riding surface, and a hard, dusty surface which can endanger both you and your horses.In order to get the best return from your investment, regular maintenance must be carried out using the right tool for the job..

Hard spots are eliminated, dust is reduced, and drainage is improved. Furthermore, the wide width of the MG250 means you can level your surface quickly and with minimal fuss! For advanced fibre or wax stabilised surfaces such as CombiRide, Turfloat or CLOPF, a maintenance regime is essential as it orientates the fibres correctly to give the desired surface feel. Featuring a pre-levelling bar to allow the large diameter wheels to roll smoothly over the surface; integrated hardened ground engaging tines with adjustable working depth; feathering levelling blade to smooth out high and low spots and a following roller (optional) to consolidate and orientate fibres across the surface.

MG250 Arena Leveller RRP £1350 +VAT, Our Price £1282.50+VAT

Rear Roller – For a one pass finish or where consolidation is required. Highly recommended for large arenas, or those containing advanced fibres such as CombiRide, CLOPF & Turfloat surfaces. Sealed bearings allow the roller to work smoothly, and require minimal maintenance. Unique design allows the roller to be used independently, as extra ballast when heavy grading is required, or in normal operation, as a following consolidation roller.

RRP £250 +VAT, Our Price £237.50+VAT

3-Point Linkage Mounted – 3 point linkage mounted version in place or standard 50mm ball hitch trailed unit. Ideal for larger arenas where more regular maintenance is required.

RRP £150+VAT, Our Price £142.50+VAT

Electric Lift – Electric actuator controlled grading depth in place of manual lift level for ease of use with attachment to your ATV/UTV

RRP £400 +VAT, Our Price £380+VAT