FM120 Pro Flail Mower

FM120 Pro Flail Mower

August 18, 2020 0
The FM120 Pro ATV Flail Mower,

The FM PRO Range of ATV Flail Mowers is the perfect tool for the removal of weeds, rushes & bracken; and the general maintenance of fields, paddocks and parkland. Also ideal for cutting game trails. Now featuring an 23hp, fuel injected Honda V-Twin iGX700 engine, the FM PRO enters new territory in the ATV flail mower market for extreme power and reliability while maintaining better fuel efficiency versus the traditional carburettor models. Heavy duty construction for a long working life.

The Honda iGX700 offers excellent fuel efficiency due to the electronic control system which continually monitors and adjusts the engines air to fuel ratio according to operating conditions and engine load, while maintaining optimal performance. This results in excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions – so good, that in product trials the fuel efficiency was typically 10-12% better than the previous model.

FM120 Pro Flail Mower RRP £5100 +VAT, Our Price £4845+VAT

Front Break Bar – Tubular fender bar to protect wheels and feed tall material (eg. bracken, reeds) into the mower smoothly.

RRP £100 +VAT, Our Price £95+VAT

Cutter Bar – Fixed cutter bar within the deck to increase mulching and reduce chop size, for faster cut material de-composition.

RRP £100 +VAT, Our Price £95+VAT

Twin Bogie Axle – Replaces standard axle assembly with rocking beam axle with two wheels (per side), for smoother travel over rough terrain. Can only be used with the wheels to the side, cannot be used with wheels trailing.

RRP £500 +VAT, Our Price £475+VAT

Engine Centre Mount – Engine is centrally mounted on the deck to provide 50/50 weight distribution for improved safety on steep terrain.

RRP £300 +VAT, Our Price £285+VAT