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Outlander Radiator Relocator Kit

Outlander Radiator Relocator Kit Product Number: 715001930 G2, G2L Relocates radiator to top mount position. Prevents cooling performance loss in muddy conditions. Uses existing radiator. Includes support, hardware and hoses. Engineered for easy cooling system bleeding and maintenance. Radiator not included.

January 11, 2020 0

Outlander Snorkel Kit

Outlander Snorkel Kit Product Number: 715005078 G2 (models with 1000 engine), Please contact for correct part number if you have a different model or have added other accessories. Comprehensive kit. Extended air intakes and CVT exhaust. CVT Outlet integrates into pod cover. Ideal for muddy conditions. Must be installed on a vehicle without XT handlebar…
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January 11, 2020 0

Outlander Tow Bar Electrical Connection

Outlander Tow Bar Electrical Connection For Trailers Product Number: 860200927 G2 chassis This accessory makes it easy to connect your trailer to your ATV .

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