The Can-Am Outlander XMR Visco-4Lok

The Can-Am Outlander XMR Visco-4Lok

October 3, 2020 Can Am 0
Grip for every condition, period

Many front locking differentials deliver traction–and nothing else. Enter Visco-4Lok, an integrated part of Outlander X mr 850/1000R & Renegade X mr 1000R models. New, rider-lockable performance for outstanding grip in extreme situations in addition to automatic locking for all-around handling in everyday use.


Maximum traction at the push of a button

In normal riding, Visco-4Lok retains an on-the-fly limited slip front differential for unmatched handling and control in all riding condition. Select 4WD LOCK for terrain, obstacles, and situations that demand the most grip and control…anytime.


10 incredible years of X mr ATV models

Happy anniversary–10 years of X mr riders and X mr models. With new Visco-4Lok, the next 10 will be even muddier. Send equal power to all four wheels, with direct mechanical torque transfer, progressive locking and natural throttle feel. Yeah, it’s the locker you’ve been waiting for.


Tough, robust, enjoyable

Engage the Visco-4Lok LOCK function at any moment, and everything changes. The manual locker sends power directly to the front wheels while delivering unmatched feel and control through the handlebars. Feel the pull forward through the deepest obstacles in your path.